Pool Service Packages

Hands Off Program – call for quote

Want your pool to be maintenance free? Let us handle all the work for you. Call us today for a quote.

Weekly Service Program – call for quote

Includes: Filter maintenance, chemical testing, brushing of sidewalls, vacuuming, test firing of heater, operational tests of equipment, maintenance chlorine (chlorine feeder) is also included. Other adverse water conditions that require additional chemical treatment will be an additional charge. Weekly customers receive priority maintenance.

Vacation Service Program – call for quote

Includes: You work hard all season to keep your pool levels in check, so let us take care of the maintenance of your pool while you are on vacation. Program includes all activities found in the weekly maintenance program above.

* Pool water must first be clean and equipment must be functioning properly including pump, filter, and chlorine feeder. Filter maintenance (cartridges, sand, DE), clean up due to weather related issues, additional chemicals that may be used to treat an extreme water condition including high TDS are additional.

Additional service work is billed above and beyond service contract. Other services include: Auto-Cover Maintenance/Cleaning (Auto-Cover Rates Apply), Heater Repair and/or Install, Liner Replacements, Filter Maintenance/Cleaning, Drain and Resets, Pumps/Motors, Salt Systems, Pool Accessory Installation (nets, goals, slides)