Pool Opening & Closing

Pool Service Group can handle the routine maintenance of opening and closing your pool.

POOL OPENING SERVICE – Call for Pricing*

Includes: Pool Opening, Reassembling of Pump and Filter, Initial Shock (2 lbs.), Algaecide Treatment (1 quart), Initial Onsite Water Test, Reinstallation of handrails, ladders, volleyball and basketball goals. (Cover cleanings are additional charge)

POOL CLOSING SERVICE – Call for Pricing**

Includes: Pool Closing, Disassembly of Pump and Filter, Onsite Water Test, Intake and Return Lines Blown with Air (chased with Anti-Freeze additional charge), Winter Plugs Installed, Gizmo Installed in Skimmer, Removal of handrails, ladders, volleyball and basketball goals, and installing winter cover.

POOL OPENING & CLOSING – Call for Pricing*

Purchase both our pool closing and opening service together and receive a discount from Pool Service Group.

*Pool water must be balanced and equipment must be functioning properly including pump, filter, and chlorine feeder

**Technician will note if equipment is functioning properly before closing pool